Theo Turpin & Lou-Atessa Marcellin
How To Meet Again

10/06/23, 4-9pm
Set amongst the neo-medieval aesthetics of the post-stop adolescents of artist Theo Turpin’s new story-world, join us for a performance and afternoon of music interpreted and performed by Lou-Atessa Marcellin (Diaspore), Theo Turpin, Anne Duffau (A - Z), Ariel Caine and Phil Serfaty (Black Tower).

Born after the stop.

They had grown in the shadow of what had come before.

This was all they knew.

This event comes out of a new body of work devised by Theo Turpin as an act of artistic world-building, this world centres around a group of artisans who, through their professions, have spent their lives building worlds for their clients, after an unspecified global ‘stop’ they have to work out how to build worlds for themselves. Set within this context artist and curator Lou-Atessa Marcellin has developed an intervention in the form of a L.A.R.P, the result of which is the accompanying performance featuring Duffau, Caine, Turpin and the Black Tower Sound System.

This event is free and open to all.