Polychrome Presents: År & Dag and the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir

17/09/22, 4pm - 11pm
On Saturday 17th of September, the Copenhagen project space Polychrome will present an evening of music at Black Tower. År & Dag and the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir will perform a number of sets over the course of the evening, both as their respective groups as well as a number of solos, duos and collaborative experiments.
Copenhagen Clarinet Choir are Carolyn Goodwin, Maria Dybbroe, Jonas Engel, Henriette Groth, Francesco Bigoni, Lars Greve. År & Dag are Michael Mørkholt (Clock wheel sequencer & synthesizers), Anders Lauge Meldgaard (Clock wheel sequencer, synthesizers & ewi), Andreas Pallisgaard (Clock wheel sequencer & synthesizers), Magnus Bak (Trombone), Jakob Munck (Trombone, sousaphone & pocket trumpet), Lars Greve (Clarinets & soprano saxophone), Mads Forsby (Percussion) Anders Vestergaard (Percussion), Victor Dybbroe (Percussion).

År & Dag is a Copenhagen based collective led by four composers: Andreas Pallisgaard, Mads Forsby, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, and Michael Mørkholt. Each of the four members has an independent practice as a musician/composer, working with instrument-building, computer programming, live improvisation, and notated composition.

Copenhagen Clarinet Choir is a new music ensemble that creates sonic landscapes through improvisation, using open scores as a starting point. Their debut album ’Organism’ explores various kinetic phenomena found in the natural environment, such as the flocking of birds, swarming of bees and sub-aquatic movement. The result is a profound timbral symbiosis, sculpted by the nuances of the clarinet.

Polychrome was initiated by Jason Dungan and Maria Zahle in 2020, commissioning projects and residencies, working directly with musicians and artists to support the production of new works and live events at the Polychrome space – a project room which is also part of a family home. The events use the project room, the kitchen, and the garden, creating a very social, open space for the experience of music and art.

4pm: Polychrome & Black Tower DJs 
6pm: År & Dag and the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir
11pm: Close